HAMILTON Lions Club Inc.

District 201 V2, Victoria. Australia.

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Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

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P.O. Box 523 Hamilton Vic. Australia 3300

Club # 442 Formed 28/09/1966


During 1966 the Lions Club of Edenhope Victoria investigated the possibility of forming a Lions Club in Hamilton. Victoria. Their investigations were helped due to Alan Curnow, later to be Hamilton's Charter President.

In late August a meeting was held at the George Hotel, attended by a number of potential members, those attending the meeting heard, for the first time about Lions International.

At a later date, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Kevin Thomas, convened and chaired a meeting at which the Australian Secretary of  Lions International, A. James McLardie, inspired those present with an address on Lions formation, growth at national and international levels, its growth in Australia and its impact. His address was convincing enough to cause those present to form a Lions Club in Hamilton.

The formation of the Lions Club of Hamilton took place on September 28th 1966. The interim officers elected at the meeting were Charter President Lion Alan Curnow, Secretary Lion Ron Brimacombe,Treasurer Lion Jack Hall.

The Charter Day of the Lions Club of Hamilton took place on December 17th 1966, three months of preparation had preceded that stage of the development of the club when the 27 men, the Charter Members, had created a well organised group, prepared to carry out the objects of Lions and live by its ethics, thus making Hamilton a better place by their service to the community.

Many well known persons were on the guest list that night. The Hon. Malcolm Fraser the Minister for the Army and Mrs. Fraser, Sir William McDonald, speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Lady McDonald,Councillor Frances Hewett, Mayor of Hamilton and Mrs KBJ Thomas, Mayoress.

Other service clubs represented were Legacy, Apex and Rotary, and many distinguished Lions.

District Governor Jim Edwards presented the Charter to Charter President Alan Curnow. In his address, District Governor Jim said "Lionism brings friendship and joy as well as work and play into the lives of thousands of men,and thus makes the world all the better for their efforts"

The gong and gavel was presented by the Mayor of Hamilton Councillor Frances Hewitt.

The toast to Lions International was proposed by the Hon. Malcolm Fraser, who said,"Society was privileged to have such quality organisations in which people banded themselves together to support the community in general"   





K.B.J Thomas (Charter Member, Deceased) Raymond Corbett, Bryan Woodward, (Geoff Dunn Deceased)


(K.B.J. Thomas Deceased), B.G.F. Woodward, B.W. Shanahan,  (G.W.C. Dunn Deceased), J.S. Colcott, R.J. Corbett, D.C. Pickett, C.D. Lang, (M.J. Steff,Deceased) R.L. Thompson (OAM), P.J. Tew. F Pekin, B.M. Simkin, R.A. Smith,( A Kruger Deceased).R.Dimond.


R..L. Thompson (OAM) F.J Pekin.


J.S. Colcott, D.C. Pickett, B.W. Shanahan, R.L. Thompson (OAM), S.K.C. Mah, R.J. Lehmann, (K.B.J. Thomas Deceased), J.M. Borrodell, B.G.F.Woodward, S.M. Shaw, (G.C.W. Dunn Deceased), R.J. Corbett, R.Dimond, P.J. Tew, J.E. Presser, G.J Hutchins, T.A. Dunbabin. Lions Lady T. Shanahan.


J.S. Colcott,


(M.J. Steff,Deceased) (K.B.J. Thomas.Deceased) B.W Shanahan


P.J Tew, B.M. Simkin, (A.Kruger,Deceased) R.L.Thompson (OAM), J.S. Colcott

BARRY PALMER (Follow your Dream Award)



J.S. Colcott


C.D Kavanagh, N. Sandford.

HONOUR BOARD  1966 to 2019

Year         President          Secretary          Treasurer

1966-67 C. A. Curnow R. G. Brimacombe R. J. O. Hall

1967-68 B. A. Chamberlain R. G. Brimacombe R. J. O. Hall

1968-69 R. G. Brimacombe S. C. Hornby R. J. O. Hall

1969-70 H. A. Eales S. C. Hornby R. J. O. Hall

1970-71 F. Wheeler/ D. Taylor S. C. Hornby R. R. Ramsden

1971-72 A. J. Roberts R. G. Brimacombe N. J. Bowe

1972-73 J. M. Broadbent K. C. Fulton N. J. Bowe

1973-74 K. W. Lynch R. G. Brimacombe N. J. Bowe

1974-75 N. D. Robinson K. W. Lynch N. J. Bowe

1975-76 D. H. Kerr D. J. Murphy A. A. Dalby

1976-77 K. C. Fulton D. J. Murphy R. G. Brimacombe

1977-78 J. J. V. Soulsby R. S. Bowden R. G. Brimacombe

1978-79 C. J. McArthur R. S. Bowden R. G. Brimacombe

1979-80 D. J. Murphy K. W. Lynch R. G. Brimacombe

1979-80 D. J. Murphy K. W. Lynch D. S. Partington

1980-81 R. Rabone C. J. McArthur D. S. Partington

1981-82 R. S. Bowden C. J. McArthur K. Burton

1982-83 B. G. F. Woodward C. J. McArthur N. Russell

1983-84 C. D. Lang C. J. McArthur R. Webster

1984-85 G. C. W. Dunn R. J. Corbett I. J. Holdsworth

1985-86 E. K. Burton G. C. W. Dunn R. J. Corbett

1986-87 D. A. Mitchell G. C. W. Dunn R. J. Corbett

1987-88 S. M. Aylmer C. J. McArthur R. J. Corbett10.

1988-89 W. Ryan B. G. F. Woodward R. J. Corbett

1989-90 K. B. J. Thomas B. G. F. Woodward R. J. Corbett

1990-91 B. W. Shanahan N. A. Russell W. S. Ryan

1991-92 R. J. Povey N. A. Russell R. J. Corbett

1992-93 R. J. Corbett J. A. Dunn A. J. Maxwell

1993-94 J. A. Dunn B. W. Shanahan R. J. Corbett

1994-95 G. McGrath B. W. Shanahan R. J. Corbett

1995-96 G. A. Wakfer J. S. Colcott R. J. Corbett

1996-97 K. J. Meggison J. S. Colcott R. J. Corbett

1997-98 D. Fehsler G.C.W. Dunn J. M. Borrodell

1998-99 A. Kruger S. K. C. Mah J. M. Borrodell

1999-00 A. Kruger S. K. C. Mah J. M. Borrodell

2000-01 R. Thompson S. K. C. Mah R. J. Corbett

2001-02 M. Steff A Hadden R. J. Corbett

2002-03 G. Mibus A. Hadden K. Burton

2003-04 R. Ball J.S. Colcott K. Burton

2004-05 B. G. F. Woodward J. S. Colcott K. Burton

2005-06 G. C. W. Dunn J. S. Colcott B. G. F. Woodward

2006-07 C. D. Lang J. S. Colcott G. C. W. Dunn

2007-08 G. Mibus J. S. Colcott G. J. Hutchins

2008-09 R. J. Corbett B. G. F. Woodward G. J. Hutchins

2009-10 A. Kruger G. C. W. Dunn G. J. Hutchins

2010-11 R. A. Smith G. C. W. Dunn G. J. Hutchins

2011-12 F. Pekin J. S. Colcott   G. J. Hutchins

2012-13 (Cindy) L.S. Wakfer J.S. Colcott B.G.F Woodward

2012-13 R. Dimond J. S. Colcott   K. J. Bloom

2013-14 R. Dimond G. J. Hutchins K. J. Bloom

2014-15 B. M. Simkin G. C. W. Dunn R. Dimond

2015-16 G. C. W. Dunn J. S. Colcott R. Dimond

2016-17 G. I. Harrip J. S. Colcott   R. Dimond

2017-18   K.Sandford T.A.Dunbabin R.Dimond

2017-18   R.Dimond T.A.Dunbabin  R.Dimond

2018 -19 R.Dimond  T.A..Dunbabin  G.J.Hutchins

2019 -20  F.J Pekin   T.A. Dundabin  G.J. Hutchins